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VicFires is an application that allows managing the various fairs, markets, and spaces in Vic.

It is composed of a public and a private part. The public part serves to provide the necessary information about fairs, markets, and spaces to visitors. From here, registrations for fairs, both as an exhibitor and as a user, and space reservations can be made. On the other hand, the private part is used to manage all this information, as it allows creating different events and managing their registrations and reservations.

What does it allow?

On the other hand, the space reservation section stands out for its usefulness in visualizing, in a monthly or yearly calendar, which spaces are occupied with information about their schedules, time slots, and requested services. This allows for an overall view of occupancy in a specific time period. Additionally, economic summaries of all income generated and the average days of occupancy throughout the year are also calculated.

There is a mobile application from which active fairs and markets can be viewed at a given moment, as well as having more detailed information about activities, schedules, how to get there, exhibitor maps...

Finally, it is worth mentioning the degree of customization that the application allows. It not only has fixed pages, but manual pages can also be created. This way, we can have a page that is 100% personalized for each of the fairs and/or markets. Both the general website and the websites for the fairs can manage sliders, news, images, advertising,...

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