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TacProd is a product that arose from the need to streamline and automate the management process of a company. With this goal in mind, an application has been created that enables the control of the production process through a private website and various mobile applications.

What does it allow?

Allows for a comprehensive control of the entire production process of the company. We can control everything from prior management, that is, human resource planning (registering workers and planning their weekly schedule), to the validation of tasks completed by the teams.

In this process, you can also manage budgets, plan the different work orders for the teams, handle the internal orders process that the company can carry out, monitor incidents that may occur, and inspections conducted by technicians.

In addition, there are some mobile applications to facilitate control. Workers have one where they can view the planned tasks on a calendar, mark the start and end timers for tasks, and modify some parameters of work orders.

The technicians also have one from where they can fill out inspections, create budgets, and NFC tags.

The competitive advantage of TacProd lies in its ability to monitor, through summary sheets and/or data export, the majority of the steps in the company's production process. From the current state of budgets to the summary of billing generated by different tasks.

Another feature to highlight is data importation, besides being able to manually input employee control, clock-ins,.. It is prepared to import this data when the company has its own control system.

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