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CCOsona Scholarships

CCOsona Scholarships is an application for the management of scholarships for meals, transportation, and school supplies. It was created with the purpose of simplifying and expediting the processes related to various public education scholarships.

What does it allow?

One of its main advantages is the generation of lists of grants that a student can apply for. That is, based on the data entered in the record, the application identifies the grants that could be requested upon meeting the required criteria. This functionality greatly streamlines the application process.

Another point to highlight is the justification control. When requesting meal assistance, it is necessary to keep track of the days when the student uses the service so that, at the end of the year, a summary of the amount to be paid by each party can be obtained.

In addition, with the arrival of COVID-19, the application was updated so that families could carry out this application process through a web portal.

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