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Ateinsa is the result of the need to streamline the process of public subsidies and simplify their consultancy. With this goal in mind, an application was created to manage the entire process, from the start of the investment to the closing of the grant.

What does it allow?

Firstly, it allows for the control of various available aid programs. These programs can be grouped by categories, and informative records for each can be created to subsequently send them to interested clients.

To keep track of different clients, there is a section dedicated to the management of company records where all relevant information is stored. From here, one can manage preferred types of assistance (grants, financing, or deductions), maintain a history of economic and consumption data, have comprehensive management of the company's facilities, assign programs based on client preferences, among many other things.

Allows for comprehensive management of client invoices as well as their forecast through charts and statistics.

Another point to highlight is the management of commercial tasks, which includes sending commercial sheets to clients and collaborators, the various campaigns carried out by the responsible parties, and monitoring client interest in the proposals sent.

Thanks to this application, a detailed tracking of the life cycle of the file can be maintained, as it provides access to project information at all times.

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